Why is FloorScore Certification so important?

The main safety concerned with flooring relates to VOC emissions. Flooring brands can publish their own results, but there is no replacement for independent, third-party testing.

The most established certification for resilient flooring emissions is FloorScore. Although there was initial skepticism about the certification, since it was formulated by an industry group (the Resilient Floor Covering Institute), it has since gained mass recognition, being approved in 2006 by the US Green Building Council for a LEED credit in sustainable design (IEQc4.3).

FloorScore has also been recognized by over 20 national and state-level environmental programs. The FloorScore certification is managed, audited and enforced by an international third party agency based in California (SCS Global), and relies on testing products directly from manufacturers. Certifications can be independently verified on SCS’s website.

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