Where can I find your floors locally?

We are exclusively an eCommerce company which means we don't sell through any distributors or showrooms anywhere in the country.

By going direct to the consumer we have been able to offer the incredibly high-end specs that we have while keeping the price affordable. You'll notice that there is no other brand in any showroom that compares to our specs and the reason for that is that our product would be much too expensive if it went through traditional sales channels.

You can order samples of our product online or give us a call at 1-800-700-8122 and we can help you over the phone.

The samples get mailed to you so that you can see our product in person, take them around your house, and choose a color you love. From there, you can place your full order online, or over the phone with us, and we ship your flooring directly to you. 

Check out our video explanation.