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What's the difference between Iona and other "stone" products?

In short, the Iona Collection is more DIY friendly, lighter to handle, less cold, and less sensitive to damage than traditional porcelain/ceramic products.

We are offering our Iona Collection as a limited edition item. This collection was primarily sold into commercial applications in the past. While Iona is a great, durable product, we have decided to focus on our wood-look collections. We will not be restocking any Iona colors; once they're gone, they're gone for good.

Large-format porcelain tiles are extremely heavy and hard to handle. You'll need at least two people to lift each tile and if a tile gets dropped, it shatters. Porcelain tiles are not DIY friendly and even professional installers have a tough time keeping them perfectly flat during installation. Shipping porcelain tiles is extremely expensive (due to their weight). Often times, shipping costs an additional $1,000 or more on top of the price of the tiles themselves.

In contrast, the Iona Mineral Core Tile Collection is much lighter and won't shatter if dropped. It features a click installation method that makes it DIY friendly. Iona also comes with an IXPE foam underlayment which helps with sound and temperature control, meaning that your tiles won't be freezing cold in the winter. We offer flat-rate freight shipping for $199 with all of our collections.