What temperature range can Modin handle?

After installation, the floor has a tolerance range of 1°F - 140°F.

Before and during the installation of your floor, keep the temperature range at your job site between 65° - 85°F. Although the product can handle a wider temperature range, this precaution is to acclimate the room and neighboring flooring, which can expand and contract seasonally. Having the room acclimatized to normal living conditions is the safest way to assure the new installation won't have problems.

After the floor has been installed, we allow for a higher tolerance between 1°F - 140°F. If going below 32°F, you might experience a very minor shrinking of the planks. In most applications this kind of movement is tolerable. Due to our strict quality control standards, however, we recommend the product be kept in the specified temperature range.

At the other end of the spectrum, at temperatures above 140°F, the PVC wear-layer can become very soft and malleable and is more likely to show indentation. Most of this indentation will come out over time. While Modin has been tested to be extremely stable up to temperatures above 140°F, other finishes in the house may move at these temperatures.