What rugs and rug pads can I safely use with your floor?

Look for rugs that are non-staining or labeled as "colorfast" or "safe for use with hardwoods". Avoid rubber and latex mats if possible.

Regarding rugs, it is best to use non-staining vinyl-backed mats or any rug that is labeled as "colorfast." Area rugs that say "Safe for Use with Hardwoods" should be just fine. You can look at rugs with natural backings, such as cotton, jute, and woven backings.

As is the case for all vinyl floors, rubber and latex mats can sometimes cause staining/discoloration, so it's best to avoid them if possible, although there may be some out there designed for vinyl flooring. In that scenario, you would probably want to contact the manufacturer to make sure that there is no risk of damage to your floor. The plasticizers in rubber (natural latex or petroleum-based) are what react and cause the discoloration. These are added to the rubber to keep it stretchy and supple.

Most non-slip pads that are recommended for hardwood floors are a safe choice for vinyl plank. The kind to avoid, which are rarely found these days, are the old plastic mesh type, which have a tendency to leave a residue in hot temperatures. Any kind of foam pad should be fine, however. We have included a link below to some worry-free pads so that when you find a rug you love, you don't have to think about the backing!


What about Ruggable?

We reached out to Ruggable to ask them about the construction of their rugs and backings. They told us that their latex-free TPR backing material has passed all flooring tests and does not stain or leave residue on hard surface floors (including concrete). Based on that information, Ruggable rugs are safe to use with Flooret floors.