What is the sound rating for Modin?

The sound rating results for Modin Signature and Modin Base are as follows:


Results With Suspended Ceiling

Results Without Suspended Ceiling
Modin Signature IIC 64 / STC 62 IIC 59 / STC 53
Modin Base IIC 62 / STC 62 IIC 54 / STC 53


IIC (Impact Insulation Class) – This is a single number rating dealing with impact noise that is transmitted through the flooring. Impact sound is considered to be things like chair scrapes, footfalls, etcetera. A higher score indicates greater noise insulation.

STC (Sound Transmission Class) – This is a single number rating of how well the flooring attenuates airborne sound. The STC rating very roughly reflects the decibel reduction of noise that the flooring can provide. A higher score indicates greater noise reduction. At an STC score greater than 50, loud sounds can be faintly heard through the flooring. STC scores greater than 60 are considered to be excellent soundproofing where most noises will not disturb neighboring residents.

For more information, you can view the entire spec sheet on our technical documents page here: https://www.flooret.com/technical-documents/