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How many unique planks are in each color of Modin?

A better question to ask is, how big is the print film? Modin uses extra large print films for reduced repetition.

When brands describe their repetition based on planks it does a bit of a disservice to the concept and can be misleading. This is because print films move along the boards and create planks that share characteristics but are not technically identical twins. Some brands would call those unique from one another when they aren't exactly.
The production also includes mirrored image planks so you get reverse versions of each plank and some brands might call those unique.
Additionally, smaller planks mean that you technically get more unique planks out of a print than you would get with larger planks (just like getting more slices out of a pizza when the slices are smaller--it's the same amount of pizza any way you slice it).
At the end of the day, the important question is how big is the original print film. Standard films are only approximately 48 inches long, but Flooret uses extra large prints for reduced repetition.