How does Modin compare with TuffCore?

The Modin Rigid Collection has a wear layer that’s twice as thick, and the warranty to match.

Here are all of the key features of Modin Rigid compared to TuffCore:

  1. Print films - Modin Rigid features extra-large print films for reduced overall pattern repetition. TuffCore patterns are generally more distinctive as well, which contributes further to the appearance of more repetition in their flooring. 
  2. Plank size - Our planks are 9” x 72” inches long to give a very luxurious, European oak floor appearance. TuffCore planks are 7 7/8” by 60”.
  3. Wear layer - We offer a 40 mil wear layer while TuffCore doesn't go above 20 mil. Wear layer is the primary factor that determines how long a floor will last. 
  4. Underlayment - Planks from the Modin Rigid collection come with pre-attached IXPE foam underlayment. Modin Rigid used to have cork underlayment like TuffCore, but we moved to the new closed-cell IXPE because it outperforms the cork in sound muffling and absorption. 
  5. Scratch resistance - We feature an aluminum oxide scratch-resistant coating.
  6. SPC Core - The Modin Rigid collection has an innovative SPC Core, which is the future of vinyl flooring because it mitigates the issues most commonly seen with traditional vinyl. Tuffcore uses WPC, which is an older technology. SPC can withstand hotter temperatures and run longer distances without the need for a transition.
  7. Warranty - Many companies offer a Lifetime Residential warranty. Often this is because the marketing advantages of that outweigh the claims they will have to deal with in the future. Even if your project is residential, it’s useful to look at a product’s commercial warranty to see how confident the company is about the longevity of their floors. TuffCore offers a 10-year Commercial warranty, while we offer a 20-year commercial warranty.
  8. Flooret business model - Flooret sells direct whereas TuffCore is only sold through distributors and retailers, which means that we can offer our higher quality product for only $4.50 per square foot, compared to the $6 per square foot price of TuffCore.