How does Modin compare with SUPERCore?

The most comparable collection from SUPERCore is their Xtreme line. All of the SUPERCore Xtreme specifications and features compared below are from SUPERCore's website.

We were unable to acquire a specification sheet from SUPERCore so we do not have a direct comparison for every spec and feature of the Modin Collection. However, if there is a spec or feature not listed here that you would like to know more about, get in touch with our Support Team via chat, email (, or phone (1-800-700-8122) and we'll help you out.

Here are some of the key features of the Modin Rigid Collection compared to SUPERCore features where possible.

  1. Print films - Modin Rigid features extra large print films for reduced overall pattern repetition.
  2. Plank size - 9 x 72" (Modin) vs. 7 x 60" (SUPERCore) - SUPERCore claims "we’re LONGER and WIDER than all the other brands" but they are not.
  3. Wear layer - 40 Mil (Modin) vs. 30 Mil (SUPERCore) - it's also worth pointing out that SUPERCore claims that their wear layer is "thicker than all the competition" but it's clearly not.
  4. Texture - EIR (Modin) vs. Embossed (SUPERCore) - the Modin Collection offers embossed-in-register texture which means that the texture of each plank matches the pattern you see on that plank. This results in a much more realistic look and feel, and, from a standing position, can easily fool even experts into thinking that they’re looking at a real wood floor. Embossed texture, featured on SUPERCore's products, is just a generic stamp of wood texture that does not match the print on the plank.
  5. Underlayment - IXPE (Modin) vs. EVA (SUPERCore) - EVA is old technology that's been around for decades. IXPE is the latest innovation and it outperforms EVA in sound muffling and absorption.
  6. Scratch resistance - Aluminum Oxide (Modin) vs. Aluminum Oxide (SUPERCore)
  7. Stairs - Nosing, Risers, Treads (Modin) vs. Nosing (SUPERCore) - SUPERCore does not offer all of the trim pieces that you'll need to complete an installation on stairs.