How does Modin compare with Coretec?

In short, there is no collection that Coretec offers that can compete with the Modin Collection.

Coretec has a number of collections so without knowing which you are looking at specifically it is a bit harder to compare apples to apples. Nonetheless, we can say that there is no collection that Coretec offers that can compete with Modin Rigid.

There is no other spec on the market that has all of the features that Modin Rigid offers. Some Coretec collections have a few of the features on one style and a few on another, but none offer all of the features that Modin Rigid possesses.

Here are all of the key features of Modin Rigid. Compare these to whichever Coretec collection you are considering:

  1. Print films - Modin Rigid features extra large print films for reduced overall pattern repetition.
  2. Plank size - Our planks are 9 x 72 inches long to give a very luxury, European oak floor appearance.
  3. Wear layer - We offer a 40 mil wear layer while Coretec doesn't go above 20 mil.
  4. Underlayment - Pre-attached IXPE foam underlayment. Modin Rigid used to have cork underlayment like Coretec, but we moved to the new IXPE because it outperforms the cork in sound muffling and absorption.
  5. Scratch resistance - We feature a ceramic bead scratch resistant coating.
  6. SPC Core - Modin Rigid has an innovative new SPC Core, which is the future of vinyl flooring because it mitigates the issues most commonly seen with traditional vinyl. SPC stands for stone plastic composite. Coretec uses WPC, which is an older technology. SPC can withstand hotter temperatures and run longer distances without the need for a transition.
  7. ​Flooret business model - having nothing to do with the spec itself, Flooret sells direct whereas Coretec is only sold through distributors and retailers which means the customer ends up paying vast and unnecessary markups.