How do you replace a click plank?

Cut into the plank you wish to replace so you can pop it out. Then, cut the click mechanisms off the replacement plank and neighboring planks and glue them down.

To replace a click plank without disassembling the entire floor, cut into the damaged plank so that you can get your hand or a tool into it to pop it out. The seam may be a good starting point for this, but to avoid the risk of damaging the plank next to it, you can gouge a spot in the middle of the plank you want to replace.

At this point, take a replacement plank and cut the click mechanisms off the "groove" or "female" edges (since you won't be able to click it in). You will also need to cut off the neighboring male edges. Glue both the new plank and the neighboring planks with cut-off male edges in place using a quality construction adhesive. Be careful not to apply too much adhesive, or the adhesive may come up between the seams and create a mess.

Tools Needed to Replace a Plank

First, to help make a cut or hole:

  • Drill with bits- to drill hole
  • Utility knife - to score plank
  • Plunge/track saw, Circular saw, Jigsaw, Chisel - to cut into plank

Second, to help pry/pop out damaged plank:

  • Pliers
  • Small crow bar

Third, to trim off click mechanism:

  • Straight edge and utility knife
  • Plunge/track saw, Circular saw, Jigsaw, chisel
  • Pliers to snap it off (likely the least clean result, but could be used more successfully after scoring with utility knife)

Fourth, to glue down:

  • Construction adhesive
  • Weight of some sort to help glued plank bond to subfloor