How do I transition from vinyl to a higher floor?

The best way to do this with our product is to use a reducer. However, keep in mind that reducers are designed to bring a floor down to a lower level so it is ideal to use a reducer designed for the higher floor. Unfortunately, this may not be possible for many people so we'll provide instructions to accomplish this with our transition piece, even if our's is the lower floor.

You will not use the track piece of the reducer with this installation method.

Install your vinyl floor to within 1/2 - 3/4" of the higher flooring. Sand the bottom of the reducer and place patches of glue roughly every 6-inches. For this installation method, you'll have to use quite a bit of glue in each patch. You want the glue to spread itself all underneath the reducer piece when you press it down.

Press the reducer into place and tape it down to ensure that it settles properly.

Use paint thinner on a rag to clean up any excess glue that squeezed out during installation.

Note: Paint thinner can damage tile. If you're transitioning to a tile floor, place a strip of painters tape at the edge of the tile before installing the reducer to catch any excess glue. Then simply remove the tape when your installation is finished instead of using paint thinner.