Embossing, Bevels, and Sheen

Beyond the basic design of your vinyl floor, there are other features that may come with your floor that are worth being aware of. These details can make the difference between the floor having a more natural look, or appearing plastic and fake.


Vinyl plank can come in a range of textures, from flat to heavily brushed. These textures help the product look more realistic, and help give depth to the print film. Different manufacturers use different plates for their texture, and some are certainly nicer than others.


With wood floors, bevels are the grooves found between planks. These provide nice detail on vinyl and also help visually separate the planks. With some patterns, the planks can disappear into each other, and give the impression of a single homogenous surface. The bevels help break this up. Bevels are only really possible with thicker vinyl, generally 5 mm or thicker.


The urethane coating applied to the wear-layer can come in different sheen levels. Although mostly an aesthetic factor, there is one practical consideration with sheen. The higher the gloss level on your floor, the more scratches and wear will show. Considering that a shiny vinyl floor accentuates the “plastic” look of the vinyl, we think a low sheen is both more practical and more visually appealing.