Do your floors sound hollow when installed?

Not if the subfloor is properly prepped.

The main reason a floor sounds hollow is when the plank bridges a valley or dip in the subfloor, thus creating an air pocket.

A hollow sound when walking on floors is much more common with laminate flooring than it is with vinyl flooring. However, with the added rigidity of rigid core vinyl planks there is still a minor concern that it can happen when installing over unlevel surfaces.

Unlike standard vinyl planks that would mostly conform to imperfections in the subfloor, Modin will bridge gaps and valleys creating a trampoline effect that could lead to a slight hollow sound.

Modin comes with a top of the line IXPE foam underlayment to mitigate sound issues, making it even less likely that you'd notice any sounds but it's important to always do your best to ensure your subfloor is level prior to installation.