Do you have a solution for stairs?

Yes. We offer risers and stair nosing that matches the color of each of our products.

There are two key trim pieces used to install Modin Rigid on stairs: risers (optional) and stair nosing. You'll also need sandpaper, a power saw, and a general construction adhesive to complete this installation.

If you're using matching risers, start at the bottom of your staircase. If you're not using risers, you can start from anywhere.

To begin, install the first riser. You may need to trim the height of the riser to match the height of your step. Sand the back of the riser and lay strips of glue on the back of the riser approximately 6-inches apart. Press the riser into place and use painter's tape to hold the riser in place while you prepare for the next step.

Cut a stair nosing and Modin plank to fit your step. You may need to cut away any existing bullnose unless the stair nosing fits over it. Once your pieces are the right size, interlock the stair nosing and the plank to form a full tread, remove the painters tape from the previous step, and lay down glue approximately every 6-inches. Press the tread piece down.

On the next step, the riser will now sit on top of the tread piece so you may need to cut it shorter than you did for the first step.

Repeat these steps until you reach a landing or the top of your staircase.

Installing on landings and at the top of the staircase

Cut off the click mechanism of the stair nosing so, when installed, it will sit flush with the neighboring plank(s).

Measure the distance needed to accommodate the nosing and draw a line on your subfloor. Remove the last plank, closest to the stairs, and lay down a strip of glue just inside of that line. Replace the plank, interlocking with the rest of the planks on the landing or level of your home. Only the piece closest to the stairs is glued down. This will prevent any gaps from forming between your planks and the stair nosing.

Now the stair nosing can be glued down to complete your stair installation.