Can vinyl plank be installed over radiant heat?

Yes. Modin Rigid Plank can be installed over in-floor radiant heating systems provided the subfloor surface does not exceed 85°F at any point.

If installing on top of a new radiant heat system, make sure the new system has been active for at least 48 hours. Some radiant systems will have a temperature "spike" the first time they are used.

The initial floor temperature should not exceed 70°F for 24 hours prior to and 48 hours after installation. Thereafter the temperature should be gradually increased to the desired setting, up to but not to exceed 85°F. Radiant heating systems that are installed on top of the subfloor surface and covered with self-leveling underlayment are not recommended. Modin Vinyl Plank may be installed over gypsum based underlayments.

Electric heating mats that are not embedded into the subfloor are not recommended for use underneath Modin Rigid Vinyl Plank. Using electric heating mats that are not embedded and applied directly underneath Modin Rigid Vinyl Plank floors could void the warranty for your floor in case of failure.

It is best to install Modin Rigid Vinyl Plank flooring over embedded radiant floor heating systems and adhere to the guidelines listed above.