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Can I put a pool table or piano on top of Modin?

Yes, though you may need to user caster cups or felt pads under the feet of your piano or pool table depending on its weight.

Our floors are especially rigid compared to other vinyl specs and have a dent rating of 250 pounds per square inch.

Pianos are one of the few things that have the potential to fall above 250 pounds per square inch since they are obviously heavy and typically have small wheels that have a very small surface area, and hence a very small point of contact with the floor. While we have not had any reports of problems, we recommend using furniture caster cups underneath the wheels when the piano is sitting in one place for a long time to avoid denting the wear layer. If you need to move it, you can roll it over the floors, though we always recommend laying a Masonite panel on your floor when moving appliances or heavy furniture.

The same applies to pool tables though they often have larger feet and may not need pads to meet the weight requirements of Modin. Check the weight of your pool table and the size of its feet. If the table weighs less than 1,000 lb and has feet that are at least 1 square inch, you should be good to go. If you want to be safe, you can place the pool table on top of larger felt furniture pads to distribute the weight and make sure that you won't dent the wear layer.